A Data Asset Network of

Distributed Ledgers


The Skyrim Network project is dedicated to building a Data Asset Network of Distributed Ledgers.

The project aims to provide a scalable and decentralized public chain together with a side chain system, an aggregated Communications Protocol and an optimized developer toolkit. It will help users and enterprises authentically store the data assets more secure.

Moreover, it will make data streaming and collaboration more effective. So that stimulates data assets will generate more liquidity and encourage more data assets, then powered with AI technology, the future world will be more secure, incentive and reliable for real value creators.


About Skyrim
Network Ecosystem

Skyrim Network will leverage its community impact on crypto industry to expand its ecosystem. It will start from crypto medias, community and other content creators. The Skyrim Network team has demonstrated consistent track record of building community.

Our first DApp- UNI is a new-generation communication platform that provides the latest crypto news and communities connecting with industry leaders, on which proper incentives will be given to our users who participate certain tasks and events.

SNS– Skyrim Network System Token is based on TRON blockchain’s ERC20 protocol now and will move to Skyrim Network’s own blockchain after Skyrim Network blockchain goes online. SNS is the issued for all transactions, gas fees and reward to block validators and storage providers. Moreover, certain points accumulated on UNI can be exchanged for SNS for more rights and values based on the amount of SNS.

By establishing the long term strategic partnership with Conflux, Skyrim Network will evolve into a healthy ecosystem with 10 million users and more innovative applications.


Why choose Skyrim Network

Over 1 Million Community Members Worldwide
From America, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, etc.
Professional Team
Team members are those with rich experience in blockchain, software development, community management, and online marketing.
Based on the blockchain encryption technology and consensus mechanism, UNI DApp effectively connects users, investors and entertainment serviced managed by an innovative token model.
2000+ Global KOL
Global KOL and influencers in UNI communities, including founders and partners form top fund and popular projects.
Global Partnership
Extend various token right to our strategic partners like DACC, 499 Block, Bitkeep, Romad, Coinchase, Amino, Armors, Upwallet, etc.

Skyrim Network Core

Proficient and Professional

Jason Chung

Core Protocol Developer

10 years of social network development experiences, with solid track records in launching a series of killer apps. Mobile internet pioneer. Cryptology expert. Dedicated to building the next generation of safer and more expressive communication technology.

Vincent Zhu


Vincent has more than 10 years operation and management experiences in top Internet and blockchain companies. As an early believer in blockchain, Vincent has attended to operation and investment of several projects, such as Sopay, Delphy, etc.

Sergil Vernick

Global Market Head

As Product Manager for Silicon Valley startup and helps to bring the product on the US market. 9 years software development experience. 3 years financial services and a crypto enthusiast. Sergil owns several active communities with crypto believers and influencers.

Celine Yang

Asia-Pacific Operation Head

8 years e commerce experiences and lead global decentralized community.


We only collaborate with the best

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Rewards SNS tokens, to be listed on top exchanges to extend more values to you.

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